Suicide Letters

what we are not...

First off, I should say what we are NOT about. We do not condone or support suicides of any kind and we are NOT a suicide hotline. There are NO certified councelors or psychiatrists associated with this site or any dying pictures site. This is a website for a suicide documentary. There are places on this site to anonymously submit suicide letters and thoughts and, if you wish, to let your feeling on the topic of death and suicide be heard publicly as well.


For most of us, myself included, the idea of taking your own life has crossed our minds at some point. Some people want to stop their pain. Others want to do it to create pain for someone else. There are as many reasons people do it as there are different kinds of people. The outcome is the purest entity in the universe - Death. And just like Death, we do not and will not discriminate anyone. Male, female, black, white, asian, 10 years old, or 110 years old; this site and all its pages are for anyone who wants to view, post, discuss or submit.